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Damn Broads - "Nature Of The Game"

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Damn Broads - "Nature Of The Game"

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Artist Bio:

Damn Broads formed in May 2010 after meeting through an ad posted on Craigslist. They are a punk band that happens to consist of all girls but don't let their gender fool you - they are NOT a girl band. And don't even think of asking if they're a riot grrl band. Because they're not.

The broads have a unique sound. They're influenced by punk rock, street punk, ska, oi and alcohol lots of alcohol. They've been compared to The Pist, Black Flag and the girl version of Minor Threat.

In 2012 the broads self released their first full length CD, "Loud, Fast and in the Dark." Recorded at The Cutting Room in Manhattan, New York the broads bring it to you raw!

In 2015 the broads self released their second full length CD, yet first full length CD as a three piece "Guilty As Charged" with all 3 alternating on vocals.

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